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Shenzhen State Security Development Co., Ltd. has many branches and subsidiaries, such as Shenzhen State Security and Security Service Co., Ltd., Shenzhen State Security and Securi...

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Security services

    Provide customers with 24-hour uninterrupted professional security personnel dispatch service.

Technical Defense Engineering

    Specializing in the development, design, construction and service of modern buildings, intelligent buildings, intelligent integrated wiring system, social public safety prevention system, intelligent security district management and other communication, electronic engineering.

Scientific and Technological Products

    The main business is to engage in the research and development and sales of security technology products. The company has been deeply engaged in security industry for many years. It actively cooperates with major companies both inside and outside the industry in-depth market cooperation. While constantly optimizing existing products, it jointly explores advanced products representing future security.

Safety Technology

    At present, the main business scope is safety production technology services, safety management consulting, safety education and training, real-time monitoring and warning technology application. The main service objects are the State Party and government departments, institutions and production enterprises.

Corporate Style

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